Down to You (The Bad Boys, #1)

Down to You - M. Leighton This book is PURE FANTASY!! Twin hotties not only vying for your attention, but also doing it in such a seductive and sexual way that practically every setting of your life leads to foreplay? SIGN ME UP!The opening scene in Down to You is set the whole tone for the rest of the book. Cash and Nash (but especially Cash...WHO likes bad boys? Me, me!) both somehow pop up in Olivia's life within a day of each other. Cash is a bar owner bad boy who's sexy, slow smile and flirty ways draw Olivia like a moth to a flame. Though flirt sounds like something a fourth grader does compared to Cash's come-ons. He wants Olivia, and he intends to have her. By 'have her', I mean he wants to F*ck her brains out. But Olivia is done getting her heart broken by bad boys. She knows Cash is the love em and leave em type, and she tries (and fails) to run far, far away.In steps Nash...who's sitting in her kitchen with her beeyotch of a cousin...because they're together. Not only is he the spitting image of the god she met the night before, but HIS interest is pretty clear also. And he soon leaves no doubt that he wants her just as much as his brother, regardless of his girlfriend. Problem is, Nash is what Olivia SHOULD want. He's on his way to being a successful, solid lawyer. He's cool, calm, collected (unless he touches Olivia, then all bets are off.) So Olivia is stuck wanting both boys. What to do, what to do? Well if you're Olivia, you don't have to do anything. These boys are willing to do ALL the work. This is women's fantasy put into words. I loved, loved, loved the first ninety percent of the bookSomewhere toward the end, everything sort of comes to a head. Secrets are revealed and all of a sudden, the story takes a huge turn. For me, it was just felt totally out of place. I understand that it was supposed to be a surprise ending, and I was okay with one aspect of it...I'd already kinda figured out the little twist. It wasn't hard. But what is revealed after that just didn't jibe with the feel of the book. Suddenly, it's a romantic suspense? Hmmm...Still, I get what the hype is all about. Cash and Nash are lip smacking good...pure decadent sexual fantasy, and I loved it!!