Onyx (Lux Novel)

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout I know I'm in the minority here, but I was so underwhelmed with Onyx. After 1.5 books that did nothing but lead me to nearly pulling my hair out with questions, I was hoping that I would get some stinking answers! But if you're looking for answers, don't look here. Very few are in this book...and you're left with even more hair pulling. I don't remember the first two books feeling so young, either. I felt like there was a lot of page filler drama between Daemon and Kat. Obviously, the head butting that they seem to excel at leads to some pretty good sexual tension and intense moments. But they felt more believable in Obsidian. I started reading already on the edge of my seat. I was so stoked to figure out what was going to happen here. About halway through, I realized that my tension was doing nothing but exhausting me...I still had no idea what the plotline for the story was...where is this freaking book going? Is there a point to all of this? I was actually bored...big fat sloppy tears!! I love Daemon! I love his snark and sass, and loved watching him reluctantly fall for his 'Kitten.' But he was almost smushy in Onyx. Then he'd throw a girle fit over something, he and Kat would have a high school drama fest, and there would be another make up session in which nothing actually got resolved. It was just frustrating!!There were some very funny moments. It was nice to be back in this crazy world that Armentrout has made, and I'm still very interested to see what the final outcome will be. I just still don't know where the series is headed. And the end to this book is such a blatant cliffhanger lead-in to the next book. I DESPISE cliffhangers, and I can see the pattern for this author. So far, one is present in every book of the series. I think the books would do just as well if each one had a definitive storyline and an actual resolution at the end. This segueing is just obnoxious, and am going to whine and say that if the book doesn't speak for itself, I will ignore it until the series speaks for itself. I will for sure wait until the series is finished before I continue, and will be sure to do so with her other series as well.