Frigid - J Lynn What a wonderful, unexpected breath of fresh air! I've had such a hard time with the New Adult genre lately. Too much DRAMA, too much ANGST, too many OVERREACTIONS and too many UNREALISTIC situations. If I wanted to hear about that kind of thing, I'd go ask my ten year old about the gossip going on in her fifth grade classroom. There would be many, many BFFs crushing on the same cute boy and loads of OMG moments followed by mean girls ROTFL.Fortunately, that was not the case here. Sydney and Kyler's story felt realistic and heartwarming, just angsty enough to make my tummy clench, and ri-dic-u-lously hot sexy times without any form of BDSM theme to be found. This was truly a New Adult novel to sink into, and I did. I read it in one sitting, staying up late long after my eyes wanted to close. Sydney and Kyler have been friends since they were six years old, back when friendship was built on simple affection. Kyler was the poor new kid in town, Sydney the sweet little girl in class. The years have gone by and they remained extremely close. Each of them secretly feels affection for the other, and not just the love of a friend. But Kyler's womanizing ways have led Sydney to feel inferior and not up to his standards. A girl's mind is an odd place to be, isn't it? Because Ryan feels exactly the opposite as she thinks he does. He's never felt good enough for her.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" I still was the same white trash boy from the trailer park who couldn't believe he pretty little girl in class wanted to be friends."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" Sydney was perfect - the actual embodiment of the perfect woman. She was practically pristine and fresh. She was untouchable. She was everything to me."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Both are now in college, nearly graduating, in fact. Both are looking at their future not as 'the future' but as 'right now'. This is a true New Adult in the fact that Sydney and Kyler are growing up. Yes, they still like to party a bit, they still retain some freshness that is exclusive to youth. But they are also mature, looking to make decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Kyler's done with the random women who have never been all that great anyways. And Sydney is tired of being the girl in the background of Kyler's life. She's ready to move on from him, ready to find her own kind of happy and stop pining over a man that will only ever be her friend.When their group of friends heads to Kyler's family winter home on the ski slopes, they don't plan to be stuck in a wild blizzard for the entire week. But the friends get stuck on the road and have to turn back, forcing the reluctant lovebirds to spend a tension filled week alone together, with their feelings finally brought to the surface.I felt so bad for Sydney, because she tries to be brave and let Kyler know how she feels. But everything comes out wrong, and Kyler completely misunderstands what she wants from him. He just can't fathom that she loves him like he loves her, because he's set her so far above every other girl. Not to mention that he's seen how it disappoints her to see the girls go in and out of his revolving bedroom door. He is his own worst enemy...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" Man, I'd fucked up this morning. One fuck up among hundreds, if not thousands, and each time I was scared shitless that it would be the last time. That she would get fed up with me - with the girls, the partying , the whatever - discover that she was a thousand times better off without me, and walk out of my life.."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For those of you sick of the man whore, I have to say that I actually completely forgave Kyler for his ways. He was so repentant and so down on himself. His character kind of reminded me of the promiscuous girl that we all knew in high school, sleeping around and looking for love...not realizing that they were hooching their way into loneliness. I felt bad for him.Their feelings inevitably come to light, and sweetness and hotness ensues. I simply loved how their relationship progressed after the big revelation. The author adds a little bit of humor, more sensuality than sexuality, but still with an unexpectedly high level of steam. I was so impressed with this book, and although I'd held off on reading this author because of her obnoxious bent toward awful cliffhangers and unfinished stories, this was a fully told romance with a very definite end.