Her Forbidden Hero: Heroes (Entangled: Brazen)

Her Forbidden Hero - Laura Kaye It was good, just maybe not my cup of tea. They seemed a little young to me, for some reason? And I don't think that's the feel that I was supposed to get from this read. After all, the hero is a veteran Special Forces soldier who was gravely injured while on duty. Alyssa, I think, was supposed to be a few years younger, just out of college and ready to take on the world. I think the fact that they were bartending and waitressing may have thrown me off, reminded me of my college crazy days when that was about the only lucrative job around. It was a sweet story, with a couple of plot holes that made me stop reading to go back and see if I missed something. Nope! When Alyssa's brother Brady comes home and finds her in Marco's apartment wearing his boxers, obviously post-sex, the boys start fighting. There is first a punch thrown, then verbal sparring. Alyssa, instead of trying to explain what has happened or smooth things over, just goes to gather her things and gets ready to leave. Yet when she goes back to the boys, it's like no time has passed, they've not covered any manly talk. Even if she was gone for five minutes, SOMETHING would have been said between them. I just thought it was awkwardly done. I think this was just one of those that again...everyone loved but me. Still an okay read, but like with most shorter novella-length reads, it needed to be more fleshed out to get more stars from me.