The Guy Next Door: Ready, Set, JettGail's Gone WildJust One Taste (Hqn)

The Guy Next Door - Victoria Dahl, Lori Foster, Susan Donovan I was actually pretty impressed with each of these novella/short stories. I hadn't read any of the three author's works before, but had both Lori Foster and Victoria Dahl on my tbr forever. After reading this, I'll definitely be reading more from each of them.That being said, Lori Foster's story, while complete, seemed to be more of a lead-in to her series than an actual finished story. It ended with a happy ending for the couple involved, but a definite cliffhanger for others. Susan Donovan's was a finished story. But Victoria Dahl's is definitely incomplete, and the couple's story isn't told until the third book of the trilogy. I'm pretty sure that you need to read the part of their history told in this anthology, though, which drives me nuts when I'm reading a series. I'm just glad that I read this prior to the Donovan Brothers Brewery series, or I'd have been lost!