Elizabeth's Wolf

Elizabeth's Wolf - Lora Leigh Better than the first two. Read more like a romantic suspense novel for awhile, instead of just jumping into some raunch. And I really loved Cassie, the little girl that everyone is trying to save. I also love the way that Cassie writes to Dash while he is overseas in the Middle East. He feels connected to this little girl through her letters, and begins to empathize with Elizabeth, the mother. Since this IS about shifters, he has some mystically strong feelings for her, and begins to suspect that she is his destined mate.Couple of things that bothered me. Dash is over the top alpha. He consistently threatens Elizabeth with a f***ing anytime he is displeased with her. Then, after the initial f*** is out of the way, he moves on to threatening an a** f***ing whenever she does something 'wrong.' This continues for the rest of the book. Also, the barb that we've encountered in the feline shifters in books one and two was a bit of a turnoff for me. Seemed kind of gross, actually, along with the tongue gland thing. So I figured since Dash is a wolf, there would be no problem. Wrong! There's some extra wolf going on down there! And I just can't take it anymore. When the actual penis starts doing things that a dog's penis does in real life, I want to barf. I mean, we all know what happens when a male dog gets excited. Gross. Just gross. So, I'm rating the first half a three, because it really was exciting and sexy, and the second half a two, as once again, the book turned into a potty worded f***fest. And I'm officially giving up on the series, because I hate those people who just love to give bad reviews for books they knew they wouldn't like in the first place.