Shift (Shifters Series #5)

Shift - Rachel Vincent Even better than the last, and I five starred that one, too. The sexual tension is racking up. I love this triangle! Usually there is a clear winner for me, but I cannot decide between Jace and Marc. Which sucks, because while I'll be really happy for whoever stays with Faythe, I'll also be really depressed about whoever has to go. Marc may be the stronger of the two, but I think Jace supports Faythe and is concerned about making her happy in addition to keeping her safe. I think he lets her make more of her own decisions rather than forcing his own onto her. But they are both so desperately in love with her! I just don't know!And I'm really anxious for the war between the prides. Throughout this entire series, this tension has been building. The injustices have now accumulated to ridiculous proportions, and it is time for some resolution, folks! I am so anxious to read the last book. I want to throw a fit right now, because I have to go be responsible and do adult things when all I want to do is start Alpha.