Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson, Book 2)

Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs Briggs penned another gripping story in Blood Bound, somehow taking the vampire/werewolf/fairy creatures and making them compelling all over again. I've been lost to the paranormal world for many new authors trying and failing to capture my interest. But Briggs writes like an old pro, and her confidence in her characters really shines through in Mercy's stories. I imagine Briggs sometimes feels like her made up world is real, because I certainly do!In this installment, Mercy is mixed up with her least favorite creature, the vamps...and hunting a vicious one that is possessed by a demon. Yeah, that really sucks because this guy is SCARY! There is a scene in here in which Mercy is all alone in her trailer with the possessed vampire quoting the Three Little know, "Little pig, little pig, let me in...." and smashing his face against her window and tapping at the floor. Gah! I was cowering like a little kid under my blankets...that is some seriously scary stuff! Of course, Mercy handles is like a champ, though she's obviously more terrified than I am.And not only does she manage to scare him off, but this chick goes after him! She' easily one of the most badass female UF characters I've come across. Not only is she a fairly small girl, but she's completely surrounded by kick ass macho alphas and many oter really disturbing creatures. And yet somehow, amidst the horrors of Mercy's reality, Briggs manages to add sexual tension to the extreme between both Adam and Mercy and Samuel and Mercy (and now Stephan the vampire and Mercy?!) and the occasional laugh out loud moment. Here's one from one of my favorite characters, Ben..."Mercy: You don't have a heart," I told him. "Just a gaping hole where it should have been."Ben: "All the more reason for you to give me yours."I pounded my forehead against Warren's back. "Tell me Ben's not flirting with me.""Hey," said Ben, sounding hurt. "I was talking cannibalism, not romance."Why do I love that guy, why? I must say though, that I felt like this second book had more world building than the first book, even. There was a lot of talk about vampire politics, which just bores me to tears no matter who writes it...after all, politics is politics. Still, the rest of the story is action packed from page one and full of witty dialogue and a hint of romance. Though the book itself is self contained, it's really nice to have the next book handy, if only to get more Adam and Samuel! And Mercy, because this girl is made of awesome!!!