White Witch, Black Curse (The Hollows, Book 7)

White Witch, Black Curse - Kim Harrison I can never quite love the Hollows books, but I never stop reading them, either! This is a world that you can't forget...there's something about the unique casting of characters and the way they all interact together that makes them so very memorable. I just love Rachel and Jenks. Their friendship and complete and utter loyalty to each other make this series for me. What about Ivy, you ask? That vampy chick pisses me right the hell OFF! I rant about Ivy in every review, but I'll do it again here. She is so freaking doom and gloom, whiny, bitchy, and grumpy. She STILL hasn't come to terms with the fact that her so-called best friend Rachel doesn't want to sleep with her or give her blood, or both. She STILL makes Rachel feel bad about it, and still can't control her bloodlust. I think Rachel is one hell of an admirable friend to put up with her, and I think Ivy is selfish. Moving on...Rachel is still lonely, even with the myriad variety of creatures around who are friendly. She doesn't have anyone of her very own aside from Marshall, and they are trying to keep their relationship platonic and actually doing a very good job with it. Al the demon is now getting Rachel's assistance in the ever after every Saturday...and believe it or not, I actually really like Al. He's a demon, sure. But he makes no apologies and doesn't pretend to be someone that he's not. That's a quality that most of Rachel's other acquaintances are sorely lacking.Trent makes a bit of a cameo (sigh!) but not much comes from it. He's still peeved at Rachel and wrongly crucifying her for circumstances that he MUST know, deep down, were completely out of her control. I love me some Trent, but he's also a selfish bastard sometimes!This installment to the Hollows didn't do much in the way of moving the story in the way that I WANT it to go, but I think I'm okay with the fact that events never unfold the way I expect OR want them to when it comes to Rachel Mariana Morgan. It keeps me on my toes, for sure, and I'm really stoked to know that I don't have the slightest clue as to how the next book will play out!