Reason Enough

Reason Enough - Megan Hart How do I give a 34 page not-even-a-novella book four stars? Well, let me tell you. I decided to read this while eating lunch and to catch up with Dan and Elle since it would only take a bit. And Megan Hart managed to not only pack five...count them, FIVE smoking hot sex(love) scenes into this story, but I actually teared up twice. I had to stop reading to swallow my food because the lump in my throat was too hard to get past. And once again, the excessive sex was actually NOT was completely necessary!This is basically a really long epilogue for the book [b:Dirty|845150|Dirty|Megan Hart||1416857]. After marriage and time has passed. This is a blip in time in which this couple is thinking about moving on to the next logical step in their relationship...having children. But if you've read Dirty, you know why Elle has some major misgivings about motherhood. One thing that shines here almost more than the original book is how much Elle loves Dan. She's finally admitted to herself and to him that he saved her, that he filled her life with love. "I lay there listening to the sound of my husband breathing, and I held on to him with all I had inside me. I'd worried I didn't have enough for him, but time had shown me I was wrong."This is Elle's journey to a decision that, before Dan, would never have been a dream in her mind. It involves her Mom and the somewhat reluctant bond that is forming between mother and daughter, Chad, Elle's brother and his partner and adopted baby girl, and Marcy, Elle's pregnant best friend. It seems as if the world is conspiring for Elle and Dan to culminate their tumultuous relationship with a baby, and maybe it was. I loved getting this tiny glimpse into what Hart sees for this unforgettable couple.