Omega Mine

Omega Mine (Alpha and Omega Series, #1) - Aline Hunter 4 solid starsSo, those of my GR friends who know me well know that I've been on a pnr burnout for quite some time. If Bones couldn't cure me, no one can, right? Wrong! What I needed was a shifter! We all love those alpha men...all levels of alpha-ness, from simple protectiveness to the possessive control freaks we hate to love. I'm tentatively tipping my hat to this book for showing me what I loved about paranormal romance way back when Twilight was my wake-up call. I should have known that a team Jacob girl would get bored with those bloodsuckers ;)Diskant is the Omega of New York. What is an Omega? Well, he's KING...basically. He rules over all of the myriad groups of shifters, from the packs of wolves to the loner cats to the birds of prey. I love that while Diskant has dominion over so many creatures, he can still soften for his woman...after he claims her. And whew! Does he ever claim her! He's torn when he first meets her because that instant knowing that she is his mate throws him for a bit. It takes awhile to accept the fact, and when he finally thinks he can be okay with a human mate, she gets away!! Diskant basically scares the sh!t out of Ava. She knows what the shifter community is like, as she has a little somethin-somethin extra of her own. Only her somethin could get her killed by the very shifter community that Diskant leads. Well, of COURSE that isn't really the case, but her abilities do gain her some enemies...and didn't she just meet Omega mine at the perfect time?One thing I love about shifter stories is the compulsion of the males to be with their females...their innate need to stake their claim, to show the world (and all nearby males) that this woman is special to him. No need to be subtle, boys! A nice fat bite mark on the neck/breast/ thigh will work! The sex is rough, the claiming rougher and I reveled in it! Oh, to make your man lose all control like just gives you permission to do the same. This book was smoking hot! There is plenty of room for growth in this series. I met two more couples with lots of promising chemistry and connection that I'm really excited to read about. Plus, I'm hoping to get more on how Diskant and Ava are holding up in the future.Thanks for the rec, V! I knew we were friends for a reason ;)