Ransom - Julie Garwood It took quite awhile for me to understand what the heck was going on...like 100 pages awhile. I was in turns bored and confused, and the four main characters didn't even meet until page 120 of this 550 page book. I was thinking for a bit that I would be forever lost when it came to the plot of the story. I honestly felt a little dumb, thinking that I was just missing something. The prologue is about Gillian's family getting slaughtered and her capture. Then we jump over to Ramsay Sinclair and his clan and subsequent peaceful takeover of a leaderless clan. Then his little brother Michael is introduced and then thought to be dead by drowning.Suddenly, there is a little boy climbing down an cliff and slashing Gillian's hand with a knife. At this point, its around page ninety, we still haven't met Broderick, and I felt really lost.After Broderick enters the picture, I can finally feel the story going somewhere. Gillian is a bit naive for my taste, almost unbelievable so, but I think that the strong willed yet delicate heroine is sort of a Julie Garwood trademark. While Broderick is satisfyingly, chest beatingly possessive, he is also not the type to treat Gillian gently. And being the lady that she is, Gillian completely falls for him. I would recommend this for those that love sugary sweet romance, very innocent heroines, and hot Scottish Lairds (who doesn't love THOSE?). I wanted so badly to adore it, but I just couldn't get there. I think I prefer JG's more brutal stories. This one just seemed overly dramatic. Obviously I'm in the minority here, and I remain an avid Julie Garwood fan.