the proposition

the proposition - Katie Ashley When I read the blurb for this, I expected a fairly erotic little romance. And it was, for sure. But there was a lot more depth to it than I was prepared for. The setup...the Proposition...takes place fairly quickly. Emma is an almost thirty year old woman with no romantic prospects. She's fairly successful financially. But she's alone in the world family wise, after her Mom passes away. She's also VERY innocent. Not virginal, but the woman has only slept with one man in her life, her fiancee, who also died over four years ago. So she's not very experienced in matters of love or sex. But her intentions are honorable. She wants to be a Mom. She wants someone to live for, love beyond all reason...she wants someone who NEEDS her. And I can totally relate to that. I was so impressed with how the author made me empathize with Emma. I was hurting for her and that empty womb and those empty arms. Aiden has lusted after Emma since she spurned him at the company Christmas party. He's a big ole player, but I actually loved him! He's funny and sweet and quite the thoughtful man slut, actually. He doesn't try to decieve Emma into thinking that he wants anything more than to sleep with her. In fact, he makes it very clear that he will want nothing to do with the baby. This is a trade that they're making and when the deal is done, so is he. Emma, while nervous as hell, finally agrees to the trade off. Instead of a cold, sterile clinic for conception, she also gets to feel passion again...something she hasn't felt since the death of her fiancee. As I said earlier, I really liked Aiden! Though their setup is sort of clandestine, he tries to make it as good as possible for Emma. He's not a coldhearted player. Just a horny guy. And he knows how special this is for her. So what does Emma do? Yep, she starts to fall for him. This is where I started to get a wee bit frustrated with Emma. I mean, the rules are laid out...they even draw up a contract! (A la Fify Shades without the whips and chains, which Aiden alludes to and made me literally laugh out loud) So Emma just acts like such a girl in regards to their relationship. Her proprietary actions toward Aiden started to rub me the wrong way. He's not a bad guy, and she starts acting like he's doing bad things.To be quite honest, even I fell a little in love with Aiden. He's just such a great guy! And when one thing leads to another and they start spending more and more time together, we get to the heart of them both. We meet both of their families and begin to learn what makes both Emma and Aiden tick. Aiden, while professing to revel in his single status, has much more to him than what he shows the world. By no means is he perfect. He makes some pretty rockin' mistakes and there is a major point of contention that I see popping up with some readers. However, people make mistakes, and Aiden is about as redeemable a hero as I can imagine. If there is one thing that I would change, I would want more descriptive writing. While the point is always made, often I felt as if I needed juuuust a little more of the scene. The first time I noticed it was after a sex scene. They go from orgasm to post-coital chatting in one sentence. No heavy breathing or lightheaded come downs. Just 'Oh yes, Aiden!' and moving on.... After that, I started to notice how a lot of details were left out, things that, to me, could have pulled me into the scene and made it more real. It wasn't bad writing by any means, but I do think that I could have connected with the entire story as a whole if I'd felt more aware of the people, how they looked, sounded, felt, etc. Lots of dialogue, which I normally love, but I wanted to LOOK at Aiden while he was talking instead of just listening to him. If that makes sense.The end.....AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! I KNEW it was coming, I was warned from previous reviews. But I couldn't help myself. And I think being prepared for it was a good thing, because while I still cried and ranted, I could handle it. Had I NOT known...I'd have been hunting someone DOWN!!! Just kidding, not a stalker here. Let me just say that January can't possibly come fast enough!! I'm so very glad that this is a romance and I (hopefully) know how it all will end.