To Desire a Devil - Elizabeth Hoyt A somewhat disappointing ending to such a great series. For the most part, I just felt like the story itself and the characters were very blah. Nothing really exciting about them, nothing much exciting happened, other than a nice little gathering of all of the characters from the previous three books. I did have a few minor points to make about Reynaud and Beatrice.I felt like Reynaud was on the attack for the entirety of the story. He never lets up. He lets his captivity define him, and comes back to England with nothing but resentment and a heart full of anger. He tries to boot out the distant family member that took his place in the house of Lords, calling him a usurper, just for simply doing his duty. After this man has run Reynaud's household for five years, given up his own life entirely, and rooted himself in his position, and Reynaud can't cut him any slack? I mean, the guy literally seethes with anger, and never shows any compassion.Beatrice initially cut a romantic figure, gazing at Reynaud's beautiful face in his portrait. But she was quite the doormat once he came home and their relationship started to build. There wasn't really any spark there for them. I felt no chemistry, no love, no anything. I'm sad to do this because this is the lowest I've ever rated a book by this author. Hoyt remains one of my favorite Historical Romance authors. This one just didn't do it for me. What should have been a dramatic homecoming surprise was overshadowed by very bland characters. :(:(