Baby Love Lite (Baby Series Lite, #2) - Andrea  Smith BABY LOVE These are the HARDEST books to review, I swear! There is so much going on, so much to talk about. I can see why the initial books were so long...busy, busy, busy. If I were reviewing this professionally, I might be harder on it, but I am reviewing it simply on my enjoyment. And I REALLY enjoyed this book!Okay...if you haven't read the first book, there might be minor spoilers for it (if you don't get the gist of the In this installment, Tylar and Trey are new parents. The entire tone of this book changes, which is exactly what I was hoping would happen. Tylar is a wonderful mother, despite having some issues. No matter what happens, her devotion to Preston never lets up, and it shines through the pages. Andrea Smith truly grasps motherhood...the ups and downs, and the joy and sorrow. It's not always fact, often it's ugly. There is such overwhelming love for your kids that it often feels...overwhelming! Feelings of inadequacy pop up often, especially if something goes wrong. And then there's being a wife/woman alongside motherhood. Two of the hardest things I've ever done are being married and having kids...and Tylar is dealing with them all at a young age. She loves her Trey, she loves her baby, but that doesn't negate the problems that arise. Especially with her past still up in the air. "Tylar, you've a right to feel however you feel. Feelings are not right or wrong - are what they are."My Trey and Tylar: While Tylar and Trey are going through the trials and tribulations of new parents, they are also having to deal with Tylar's past...her "mom" and the events that led up to the horrible events she calls her childhood. This adds a WTF factor as well as some crazy drama and suspense. And it also adds a sort of melancholy note, because Tylar has always been missing that kind of love from a parent to a child in her fact, is feeling it for the first time in her life now, with Preston."I'd never felt this kind of love before. It was a different kind of love than what I had for Trey. It'd been so immediate and so strong from the beginning. It was so unconditional, this baby love.I thought about my mother and wondered why she'd never felt that 'baby love' for me. I banished the thought of her from my mind. It was only painful and for now I wanted to enjoy this bonding with my daughter."Just for the record, I think Trey and Tylar are wonderful parents...really great about meshing their ideals and differences together and creating a loving home for their daughter. I thought that the amount of babysitting they got was enviable, but still... :D:DWhy the four stars? Despite my enjoyment of the story, I had a few things that really bothered me. I was somewhat grossed out by Trey referring to Tylar's tendency to swallow asking her if she was "ready for some protein". Ew, just ew. I've never seen the fascination with swallowing, so maybe this could be titillating for some ladies, but for me it was just gross. Also, when Tylar sees her mother's body after it's exhumed...and it's as if the body was perfectly preserved...for the last twenty years?! Not possible...not at all. That body would be rotten and shrunken, no matter what they did to it. You simply can't preserve a body that long. Maybe if it's been frozen, but still...twenty years? Completely unrealistic. And Tylar KISSES THE BODY!?! I also think the writing is somewhat unrefined in places...repetitive (sex scenes...SO repetitive) and a few minor editing issues. So this story really captivated me. I was almost completely uninterested in the sex scenes. They didn't do it for me to begin with, but I really noticed it more in this book...I really just wanted to get back to the meat of the story. It just keeps moving forward. And for Smith to make a normal marriage this interesting is really saying something. Despite the somewhat fantastical circumstances outside of the marriage, just Tylar and Trey's daily grind was captivating! Funny in places, poignant in others, I loved this book...a smidge more than the first.