Quintal's Return (The Bounty's Return series) - Nadine  Christian Pitcairn Island:A real island somewhere in the middle of the ocean off the coast of New Zealand...along with Tahiti, Easter Island, and Hawaii...just sayin'...MY SYNOPSIS:When Kate and Jen Quintal decide to return to Pitcairn Island, home of their ancestors, their goal is to do their jobs and open a successful hotel. They are prepared for some hardships, knowing that this is one of the most remote, hard to reach places they've ever been. Not only will they have to plan and task with no mistakes, but they soon come to realize just how this hotel could impact the lives of the island's residents. This fact becomes all the more important when they begin to get to know these people and befriend them. Pitcairn's people are basically one big family."They'd give you their left arm if you asked for it, and then their right just because the left arm would miss it."Before Kate even steps onto the longboat bound for the shores of her new home, she has a run in with Bryce, the burly island "Mr. Fix Everything". Jen's nickname for Bryce is Yeti man, which had me rolling every time she said it. But I LIKE big, burly, bearded boys. Here's my Bryce:But it's not long before Kate and Bryce gravitate toward each other, and in between Kate's consuming job of managing the new hotel and cleaning up her old family's island home, Bryce begins to show her the beauty of his home.Kate and Bryce's relationship actually seemed to be very natural. Of course, there are a few misunderstandings...namely involving Bryce's crazy ex girlfriend and a rock band sent to detox on Pitcairn. These characters put this couple's fledgeling relationship to the test, and very nearly break it. But both Bryce and Kate are strong people, and even while the odds are against them, their goofy "first blush of love" thoughts and antics were so endearing...and so relatable! At one point, Kate is trying ever so hard to dress casually for Bryce but to still look beautiful. It made me laugh, and she really doesn't pull the wool over Jen's eyes either."She tried extra hard to make it look like her outfit was thoughtless - the sarong, no jewelry, her hair loose down her back..."And then there's Bryce...sweet, helpful, smitten Bryce, who had resigned himself to a life of bachelorhood! He literally comes to life when he meets Kate. His brusque, alpha manner turns quickly to a gentle, caring man, one makes it evident that he could be a man that settles down, love his woman, and be content with very little. But boy...is he also full of passion! Passionate lovemaking, passion for living, passion for Kate...and oh, that passionate anger!! "She actually followed him home, but he gulped at the sight before him. She was furious. When he heard her stomping up the porch steps, he fought the urge to run and throw open the door in welcome."For me, the dialogue sometimes felt too formal...I'm not sure if that's because the author lives on the other side of the world from me or not, but it stilted the conversations on occasion and created a distance between the reader and the characters. I also wish there had been more down time between Bryce and Kate...more time for romance and wooing, sweet words and sexual tension.Nadine Christian's visualization, however, is wonderful. Her love of her home absolutely shines in her work, and in turn makes me love a place I've never been. She doesn't sugar coat things, either. Pitcairn residents put up wit ten hour a day electricity restrictions, are required to grow much of their food, have to often heat their own water...many, many luxuries that we take for granted aren't possible there, and I think Christian handled it very well...she doesn't romanticize the situation, but still manages to make it seem like a wonderful place to not only visit, but live.This is the second book by Nadine that I've read, and better than her first. I was glad to read more details about Pitcairn, not to mention the sexy story of Kate and Bryce's love affair. I am very much looking forward to the next two books in the series.Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review