Love Thy Neighbour - Belle Aurora If you read book one, then you know that Ghost (Asher) and Nat shared one scorching encounter together. Sparks were practically visible between them. And this is their story, albeit with one big they are neighbors!!! And STILL in the "Friend Zone."I seriously love this author. Natalie's inner dialogue cracks me the hell up. Here's my Nat: She's got the same kind of potty humor going on in her head that my husband and I have...slightly immature but fun as hell and funny as hell, too. Here are a nice list of my favorite Nat'isms...** "I wouldn't say I'm a slut. I'm just in touch with my inner slut. And let me tell you, she rocks."** "Okay, so either my heart is breaking or someone spabbed me in the boob..."** "Turns out I know yoga..."...(after having car sex, bahaha!)** "I'm so happy I could shit rainbows!!"** "Lola looks at me as if I just told her that ice cream actually has crack in it..."So this was freaking hilarious. Natalie has this love/hate thing going on with Ghost, and the sexual tension is so palpable, it's bleeding from the pages. I don't remember Nic and Tina's story being quite this freaking HOT. I'm telling you, when these two finally get down to business...well, here is a little taste of yum... "By the time Ash was ready to blow, I was ready to blow myself. Through a groan, he said "It's coming, girl. Where do you want it?"I didn't respond, just bobbed my head faster and deeper. He stroked my hair and whispered, "Dirty girl. Fuck. So dirty. You want my load? Take it, baby..."Oh, and this one...**wiping sweat from my upper lip...**"I gasp when he grops the hair at the base of my neck tightly. He pulls gently for me to look up at him, and when I do, I see his soft brown eyes are dark and hooded. He grunts, "How do you want it?"Still minus my brain-to-mouth filter, I whisper, "Fuck me like you hate me."An almost cruel smile corsses his face. He utters, "Fuck yeah"...And then it got a tiny bit kinky....But also sad, because Ghost has had a horrible, HORRIBLE childhood, and when he tells his story, it just breaks your heart. Here's my reluctant cutie pie Ghost: I just loved pretty much everything about this book. I don't have anything bad to say. It's all made of awesome. Ghost...awesome! Natalie...awesome! Nat's sister...awesome! The whole gang from the White Rabbit...awesome!!! So, five big stars from me, and I am SOOOOOO looking forward to Max's story!In honor of Natalie and Ghost's reservations and to try to catch the attentions of my Croatian friends..."Pamet u glavu! Nemoj mi sramotit!" Lol...I have no idea if that's right or not, but Croatians sound like a ball of fun and family.**Edited to add pictures