Undertow - S.M. Stelmack Temporary Udate! Gah, I meant to post this yesterday. This book is being offered for free through July 1st. People, go get it!!!! It's so very worth the read, and you can't beat free.4.5 StarsHave you ever heard of those forgotten tunnels under major cities...subways no longer in use, sewers that have been underground so long that no one remembers they're there? Well, someone does remember. A lot of someones...or should I say someTHINGS. They live there...and they resent us "topsiders". They want us...for a variety of reasons...but there is none they want as much as Jack. He's the one that got away.MY SYNOPSISJack has long been fascinated with not only the forgotten tunnels but also with the people who choose to live in them...without sunlight or most modern convenience, these people tend to turn slightly feral. And when he explores deeper into the vast caverns, deeper into the earth, he discovers another creature...one that certainly isn't human, as the prove to him over two years of captivity. In a world of complete blackness, he is tortured and stripped of identity until he nearly loses himself. But he does escape, back to the surface where he is blinded by light and overcome with the weight of his actions while he was forced to be subhuman.When Lindsay, a woman from his past, comes to him for help finding her niece in the underground, Jack suggests that they give her up for dead. Or just give up because she'll wish she was dead.Of course, Lindsay knows who Jack used to be, and has faith that the strong, curious, and brilliant man is still hiding in the dirty, somewhat deranged man that she sees today. "You think if you ask enough questions you'll figure me out and fix me. Only what happens if you can't? You'll have taken me apart and left me in pieces, and I'm already broken enough without you making more of a mess."With the help of Jack's friend Reggie, the three finally set out to discover what happened to Lindsay's only remaining family and to bring her back no matter what. MY THOUGHTSOnce again, I am beyond impressed with this fairly new and vastly underread author. It's books like this that make me feel honored to read a copy that is offered to me by the author...This novel is a wholly new idea, thought out to nearly every last detail...there isn't anything here that feels under-explained, nothing that leaves a question mark. This is one of those worlds that makes a reader realize why we are readers and not writers...we just don't think like this. It's beyond the scope of even my dreams to come up with a world this dark, this imaginative, and yet this REAL!!! This book feels real...as if I'd better watch myself when I go to the subway. Those manholes...lead to some scary places!!!And amid the yuck and scare is a great love story that...while romantic and sexy as hell (Can you say Mirror love?), doesn't take away from the intensity of the horror aspect at all. In fact, it amplifies Jack's character because it just comes to show how dynamic he is, how much he has endured in life and how fragile his psyche is. He needs someone to ground him, and Lyndsay is perfect for the job, despite her need for his knowledge of this truly horrific place."Still not used to the light?" she said softly."Sometimes it still takes me by surprise.""Because you expected it to be one thing and it's another."He turned to her and the sun glowed warm on his face. "Because," he corrected quietly. "Because she burns so bright. Better than anything I could ever imagine."A huge thank you to this amazing husband/wife author duo for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I see amazing things for them, both in this Urban Fantasy/Horror romance and the Romantic Suspense genre. Their voice is unique and strong and I am very much looking forward to whatever they can throw out.