Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) - Tara Sivec This seems to be a love it or hate it type book, and for me it was just so-so. It was funny in places, sure. There were a few times that I belly laughed. But to be honest, I think the author relied so heavily on potty humor, I felt like I was watching an eight hour episode of South Park. Crude can be funny, but my GOSH, it was so overdone! Shock value only lasts so long, and then its no longer's repetitive and uncomfortable. I like how Claire describes her desire to never have children. I remember being pretty horrified by kids myself until I had my own little monster daughters that I couldn't love more if I tried. But the way she actually mothers him is more like a naughty teenage aunt with very few morals. And I realize that this is fiction. Possibly I was offended because my daughters are close in age to Gavin and I was disgusted by the lack of parenting in this book. In every single scene that involves the kid, he's either punching someone in the balls, asking his MOTHER to see her boobs, staring at his father's morning wood, or cursing. Every. Single. Scene. Just another example of how Sivec's type of humor was waaay overdone. It would be funny once or twice, but I just found myself horrified at the bratty kid who NEVER got disciplined, no matter how bad the behavior. Rant over. I know I'm over analyzing the kid part.The behavior of the adults is reminiscent of college, pre-children for me. There are almost as many hangovers as boners in this book, and more than one scene is dedicated to the stupid things that Claire and her posse do while rip roaring drunk. Isn't being a lushy, slobbery mess how she became a single parent in the first place? Not to judge, but good grief! Time to grow up. Are there really people out there that dedicate their weekends to partying after age 25? I can see the occasional letting loose, but geez.The women and the mouths they have are cringe worthy. Seriously, it's BAAAAD! I'm not a prude, but the words twat and cunt coming out of a woman's mouth regularly are just trashy sounding. I read some excerpts to my husband, and though he laughed, he also turned to me and said, "I'm glad you don't talk like that. It'd be kinda gross." Though I will say that about halfway through, the nasty language seemed to tone down a little. Or maybe I just became immune, I don't know. Sigh! Okay, having said all of that, I CAN still see the appeal. This is a cut loose and have fun book. There's really no meaningful dialogue beyond a few sweet words, and very little angst. It's so lighthearted, even the parts that maybe should have held more Claire dropping out of college because she got pregnant. But she kept to the light and stayed upbeat through the beat down of doing everything on her own. I liked how Carter immediately stepped into his new role of Daddy and there wasn't any reason to hate him. He was completely loveable. Truly, if you're gonna get knocked up, you want it to be by a guy like Carter.