Hungry - Logan Belle [b:Lady Chatterley's Lover|32067|Lady Chatterley's Lover|D.H. Lawrence||3249302] was one of my first forays into erotica...and compared to modern erotic books, it wasn't too taboo. But I read it with my eyes wiiiiide open. And I remember how easy it was to pardon Lady Chatterly for her infidelity. Lawrence made her a victim of circumstance, and my heart broke for her.In this retelling of the classic story, there is a very loosely based connection, I think. Lady Chatterly's husband was unable to love her in more ways than one, but in this book, Connie's boyfriend is just busy. It's a choice that Connie and he make to not be intimate, whereas in Lady Chatterly's Lover, sex wasn't an option at all. So Connie's indiscretions, while they do pull some sympathy from me, aren't as excusable as the original.For this installment of this serial novel, the scene is set for Connie to look somewhere other than her unsatisfying long term relationship with her live in boyfriend. Cliff is a tech nerd hottie who is starting up a major social networking site, and while he sure does love Connie, he has no time for her and no interest in sex any more. So when Connie meets Mellors by chance at the local gym, her sex starved body is immediately attracted to his obvious virility. Mellors is, in a word, INTENSE! He's a hard character to connect with, because he doesn't speak much in this installment. He's basically an object of lust at this point. So my interest is definitely piqued at the moment! This is an interesting start, and more erotic than I anticipated, but with some real meat to it also. I would actually recommend this to readers who have never even read the original Lady Chatterly's story. You won't be lost at all, as this story stands on it's own merit. DRC provided by Pocket Star books via Edelweiss