Darkhouse - Karina Halle This book is FREE at Barnes and Noble and Smashwords! Get it, get it!! http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/darkhouse-karina-halle/1101078677?ean=9781461079859https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/58699I'm not normally much for horror books, but I've recently been trying to loosen my rabid grip on all things romance. Turns out, I truly tend to need it to stay interested. The great thing about that is that even male authors tend to throw a little romance into their plot somewhere. So when I started seeing this series pop up all over my feed, amidst my also-romance-addicted friends, for months on end, it for sure caught my attention. You know how each time a new hit series comes out, it's touted as "different"? Well, THIS is the definition of different within the circle of readers that I usually follow. Perry Palomino: She's in her early twenties, fresh out of college. She's not gorgeous, but she IS real. She has a little extra junk in the trunk, and her self image is not so hot considering that she's had weight issues for most of her life. And unlike many books, her low self esteem isn't used so that she can act like an idiot while men and boys drool on their chins and follow this goddess in hiding around. Perry's just normal...in the looks department, anyways. In the way of psyche, this chick has issues!!!! Perry has dreams...she has day-mares, nightmares, and visions...but sometimes that curtain of reality is very thin, and Perry can't tell what's dream and what's really happening.Dex Foray: Talk about an unconventional hero!!! This guy comes across as even weirder than Perry!!!! Dex is an internet show video cameraman. The way he's described isn't normally the way I would envision a man that I would become so fascinated with. His appeal doesn't come from his looks, but from his odd characterization, and the little glimpses that you get of the inner Dex. Dex and Perry meet in an old abandoned lighthouse in the middle of the night. Perry certainly wasn't looking for anything supernatural. But Dex is! Their first meeting is an awfully frightening experience for this reader. Secret slamming doors that lock themselves, ghostly footsteps, and sun bright lights...I literally had to turn on my lights to keep reading...my reader light was just causing unnecessary shadows. The fact that Perry's iPhone happened to record much of the experience is a plus when she posts her video online and gets loads of unexpected hits. And therein lies the excuse for Dex to contact her and push his internet video show idea...The Experiment in Terror.While romance is definitely not the point of the story, there is an underlying sexual tension between Dex and Perry...I'm assuming it will eventually lead somewhere.For me, this entire book was one big mystery. I can't quite figure Dex out. He's just so odd. He's moody, he treats Perry like an annoying kid sister at times, but looks at her like he's dying to know her soul. He's not the type of hero to go saving the damsel in distress, but then he turns around and protects her in other ways...redeeming ways that make the rest of it all okay. Perry is extremely likeable, but hard to empathize with. The girl needs to grow a pair and stand up for herself! Be bold in life and not just scary situations.I can honestly say that I haven't been this excited about a new-to-me series in months. At then end of Darkhouse, I've already loaded every available book in the series onto my Nook...I'm that sure that I'll love them! If you're bored with the current offerings, if you're continually being disappointed by the newest craze book and need something to sink into, give this a try. It may not be for everyone, but it was such a massive hit for me, and has my anticipatory nerves firing like crazy. I can't wait to devour more Dex and Perry!!!Buddy read with Brenda, MK, and the BR-ers...so excited to see what the fuss is about!!!!