Mystic Cowboy - Sarah Anderson I love when a romance takes me by surprise. I’ve been on the lookout for some really great cowboy romances lately and have been disappointed with the few that I’ve chosen to read. Not so in this case!! Not only do I get a wonderful romance, but THIS cowboy is an Indian. Madeline is the new reservation doctor…she’s come from the big city for the chance to really make a difference. Her kind heart won me over instantly. This is a woman who truly has a desire to help people…not only to heal their bodies but also their spirits, and even this tribe of stoic Lakota Native American people can hold out against her unwavering stubbornness to do good. She may not always go about it in the nicest manner, but this tough, loving chick gets her job done. Except when Rebel, the tribe’s sexy medicine man, keeps her from getting it done.Rebel….yum. That’s all I’ve got. Yum. “He was tall and straight. All the more compared to the broken people she’d looked at all day. His jet black hair hung long and loose under a straw cowboy hat, all the way down to his denim clad butt. Even though he was supporting the other man, he was moving from one black cowboy boot to the other, his hips shifting in a subtle but sexy motion. He was wearing a T-shirt with the sleeves torn off, revealing a set of biceps that looked like carved caramel - the best kind of delicious.”What was different about this book was how spiritual it is. No politically correct rendition of traditional Indian ways. This author knows her stuff. Native American tribes were very, very spiritual. And it bled into every aspect of their lives. When Rebel counsels his people to refuse some of Madeline’s treatments in favor of spending a night at the sweat lodge, Madeline is pissed. How dare he go against her medical advice? But Rebel is just doing what he believes is the right thing for his tribe. He’s not an in-your-face kind of guy. He’s soft spoken, friendly, and much easier to smile than I expected. But his leadership role in his community is obvious in his demeanor…the authority he carries naturally and his apparent ease with his place in life and the natural world he chooses to live in. “He had beautiful black eyes, the kind of black that didn’t so much show you the window to his soul, but reflected yours back at you.”Therein lies Madeline and Rebel’s biggest problem. Rebel has lived in the world of the white man. He almost married a white woman. But he’s come to find that they aren’t comfortable with more than lip service when it comes to his Lakota customs and traditions, let alone the way they live. His people are poor in material wealth but rich in spirit. And he can’t bring himself to accept that Madeline…the rich city girl doctor…would ever learn to love his way of life. And Madeline had to figure out that sometimes the most logical way of doing things isn't always the right way. Sometimes, you have to go with your heart instead of your head. At times funny“Ooooh, her first ma’am. From an honest to God cowboy, no less. She felt the sudden urge to curtsey…And here's Blue eyes, Rebel's "voyeuristic horse," lol! At times sexy“Each pull back hit something new inside her, something she was certain she’d never known was there before. And through it all, Rebel’s hips kept pace with the low moaning of her name, the sound of pure sex on the wind. Mad-e-line,” he repeated, over and over…”And other times heartbreaking“But all Rebel could think was that this wasn’t going to last, because she couldn’t give up the house and he couldn’t give up the stars…”I loved this book. I loved how the worlds collide and this couple has to not break through the normal angsty problems that you find in many modern romances, but huge obstacles such as culture gaps and completely different ways of life. This is a beautiful story that satisfied my romantic needs and gave me a little more insight into a few problems the original Americans are faced with today.