Love in a Nutshell - Dorien Kelly, Janet Evanovich This was a sweet, lighthearted, nothing special contemporary romance. I think Evanovich has made such a name for herself with her humor and the crazy antics of her characters that I've come to expect it from her non-Plum titles. Sometimes she delivers, but not in this case. The funniest part about this book was the way that Kate forces Matt in to hiring her at the beginning of the book. Matt is a stand up guy who was the wild boy of Keene's Harbor in his younger days. He's come home and is now not only running a successful brewery and restaurant in his old hometown, but bailing out failing businesses with substantial loans and buying the loans of homes in danger of foreclosure. He's a good guy. Kate is a bit on the frazzled side, what with being newly divorced, newly fired, and newly homeless. When Matt hires Kate to find the person intent on sabotaging his business, this slow burning romance begins. There was an element of mystery and suspense which comes to a head toward the end, but I felt like it was such a secondary plotline as to almost be unnecessary. This would have benefitted from just being a plain ole romance. One thing I loved about the book was the role of Matt and Kate's pets and how important they are in their lives. I'm an animal lover myself, and Evanovich always shows her animal loving side, especially in her stand alones. I listened to the audio of this. The narrator did a good job, though I didn't really like her voice for Matt. But she barked when the dogs barked, which was the second most hilarious part of the book.Overall, if you're expecting an Evanovich book, this isn't it. This is a bit more serious, with a few quirky side characters maybe. Overall, easily forgettable but a good palatte cleanser between angsty or intense reads.