A Lady by Midnight - Tessa Dare After reading the second book in this series (which was absolutely FANTASTIC), I was looking forward to Kate and Thorne's story. It was sweet, but I got a bit bored somewhere in the middle. The mystery behind Kate's childhood dragged on and took up more of the plot than the romance. And while Kate and Thorne have been acquaintances since book one of the Spindle Cove series, all of a sudden, we learn that they have a secret past together? It just seemed a bit contrived to make a new book. However, I loved Thorne and Kate as characters. I'm a sucker for the big, brawny quiet heroes...the ones who show up to unobtrusively kick ass before anyone even knows that they're there. I love how he secretly pines for Kate, who deems herself not worthy because of her conspicuous birthmark. Once again, I love that all of the Spindle Cove inhabitants are misfits of a sort and yet their love interest barely notices. This wasn't my favorite book, but I love this series!! Tessa Dare is so funny and she writes fabulously sensuous, passionate scenes without crossing into erotic.