The Virgin Huntress - Victoria Vane Okay, so I knew that I wouldn't love Vesta. She showed her childish nature during Ned's book, when he brings home her new step momma. (Ned is her father, and the 'hero' from the first in the Devil Devere series.)But I must say that I think Vesta and Hew are wonderful together. Hew DeVere is Ludovic's younger brother. He takes life I don't imagine Ludovic ever could. By the way, I mention Ludovic often because his story is being told simultaneously throughout the Devere mini-novels. He plays a major role in trapping his young brother into a compromising position in The Virgin Huntress. It just goes to show another playful, la-di-da side of him. Vesta has come to London for her coming out. She's only 18 years old, which I'm sure contributed to my inability to relate to her. She just seems so very young and spoiled. I think, though, that this is exactly what the author was trying to put out there. She's a very different kind of heroine. She sees what she wants (Hew) and basically bowls the world over to get to him. When she thinks that Hew has an interest in her godmother Diana, she simply changes the location of...well, her and Hew. With a little help from the Devil DeVere.This was a nice installment to the series but I must say that I'm so intrigued by Diana and Ludovic that they are overshadowing everything else at this point.