Chasing Fire - Nora Roberts I loved this one! My faith is officially renewed in Nora's Romantic suspense. This was an INTENSE read. The smoke jumping firefighting scenes were simply amazing. The research that Nora puts into her books just blows my mind. I swear, I was jumping out of planes and sweating it out on the ground. My heart was racing, adrenaline pumping...simply awesome, says I!!!Rowan is more of a tough chick than I normally like. She's living in a man's world, after all. But I never felt as if she got over the top feminist. No unneccessary anger, no girlie fits of outrage. She could take a joke at her own expense and roll with it. That's the kind of tough girl that I like to read about. She gave as good as she got. Of course, she doesn't want the relationship that seems to be forming with the rookie jumper Gulliver Curry. But Gull weasels his way into her heart, little by little. Sarcastic and witty, the banter between these two kept me on my toes. There is an easy, comfortable feeling between the two that makes their relationship feel very natural. I loved them togetherThere is another romance going on between Rowan's long single father and a woman who comes to sky dive tandem at his business. I like that this middle aged coupld got to have their own giddy, sexually frustrated, beautiful romance blossom. Age is just a number, after all. And their age only showed when their maturity level led to an angst-free affair. Every time they were together, my heart got all mushy and happy.The suspense was not overdone...more of a constant behind the scenes darkness that occasionally came forward to remind me that something nefarious was in the works. (He,he, cue evil laughter) In fact, I didn't figure out whodunnit at all, until the name was revealed. Maybe I'm just slow like that :) Overall, this was a classic, awesome Nora Roberts. I loved it!!