The Search - Nora Roberts Tons of reviews, so I won't say much. I haven't been too thrilled at the last couple of Nora books I've read. She seems to be pulling away from the romance and leaning more toward inner dialogue and halfhearted suspense, but I didn't find this book to be the same. I loved the hero, Simon. He's an ass at times, but that's just his gruff exterior shining through. I was impressed with the way he was handled. The suspense was definitely there but didn't take up too much of the story. In fact, I really think that this was a perfect blend, in every way!I know a lot of reviewers were annoyed with how much dog talk there was, but again, I thought it was wonderful. If you are a Nora Roberts fan, you know how much she loves her dogs! And her passion shows in this book. She always does her research on the subject matter of her novels so thoroughly, but it was apparent in The Search that she wrote out of experience and a love of the subject matter. I will say that it became pretty instructional at times...the dog training was everywhere. Again, I loved it, but I'm an animal lover and the proud owner of my own wonderful canine family members. I ended up loving this so much more just because I could tell how much fun it must have been for her to write put passion to paper. Great stuff!