Unleashed  - Cherrie Lynn I ended up reading the Ross books backwards, Starting with Rock Me. And I must say, I didn't expect to love Evan so much. But his relationship with Kelsey just felt so right...from the first page of their story, I felt good about them. And when they get their sexy on, whew! **Fanning myself** Evan is the older Ross brother. He has no self esteem hangups. He's a lawyer, so his situation is set. Now all he needs is a wife and 2.5 kids. His best friend since college is Kelsey, who used to be married to his best friend since childhood until she caught her husband in bed with Evan's fiancee...good grief! That right there is what you call fubar...Needless to say, the friendship that remained strong for nearly ten years was a bit strained after finding their significant others boinking each other. When Evan realized that his honeymoon tickets to Hawaii are just going to go unused, he decided that both he and Kelsey need to get away from it all. Lemme tell you...the sparks are evident from the beginning, but from the moment they get on that island, there is enough sexual tension to frost a cake. And when Evan and Kelsey finally give in, yummy! This man packs a powerful punch, with enough stamina to make me jealous. Once again, Cherrie Lynn hits all the right sexual buttons. There is playfulness and passion and intensity. Just enough of everything that it never got boring, no matter how much time they spent in their hotel room...or the hot tub...or the car...or on the desk...One thing I loved is how likeable both Evan and Kelsey were. Kelsey is somewhat shy, and has always been just awkward enough to never put the moves on Evan. He's always treated her like a kid sister. But it doesn't take her long to catch on when Evan starts turning on the charm. No eye rolls from me! When she realizes that he's ready to see her as a woman, she's ALL FOR THAT!! You go, girl! Evan, also, is such a stand up guy. He's known since college that he has some strong feelings for Kelsey. But at 22 years old, thinking thoughts of marriage and what a wonderful wife she would make was more scary than romantic. So he let her slip through his fingers and decided to watch her be happy with someone else. When the opportunity finally presents itself to show her the attraction he's always felt for her, he doesn't hesitate. Wonderful book, wonderful series so far, and I'm for sure looking forward to more by Cherrie Lynn. This is another great contemporary erotic romance for those of us who like a little more heat with our romance.