Where She Went - Gayle Forman I loved this book! We get to be inside Adam's wonderfully messed up head and really get to know him, even better than Mia, imo. Even with his rock star status, he's still such a great guy. His loss is nearly as heartbreaking as Mia's, and you could feel his pain radiating from his words. This was such a romantic book. I'm so very glad that Adam didn't end up being a typical young guy, screwing around too much to form true and lasting relationships. His problem is that he feels too much, loved too deeply, and now that Mia has left, he is fighting some pretty big demons. The man is so very alone.I adore the writing of Ms. Forman. She writes poetry. It's beautiful and thought provoking and it reached me on a level that is rarely reached by the YA genre. Too often, the hero or heroine come across as flighty or immature in a way that, while interesting to read about, are still hard to relate to. But Adam and Mia seem to be old souls. They are introspective people who have both chosen lives in which they are in the spotlight. Their different circumstances in this book only seem to accentuate their need for each other. And you can feel the gravitational pull that they are exuding, little by little, throughout the entire book. Usually, I hate flashbacks in a book. They seem like a hook to keep you reading in order to get to the good stuff. But Adams flashbacks were all relevant and necessary to understanding who he was, and how he came to be this messed up rocker. I am SO VERY GLAD that I finally decided to give these two books a go. They're fairly short reads, so good for a long evening of relaxing and losing yourself. I highly recommend you pick them up if you've had them on your tbr for awhile.