Magic Dreams (Kate Daniels, #4.5) - Ilona Andrews I love these novellas in the Kate Daniels series, as well as the Curran shorts. They are quality peices and bring me right back into the world. A lot of author's novellas seem like hastily thrown together page filler, but you can tell that the Andrews team puts a lot of thought into their novellas. Jim is such a big part of Kate and Curran's life, and the blind tigress Dali is for sure a unique character. Jim inadvertently meets Dali's strictly Indonesian family, and her Mom is uncertain about him. One of the funnies in this book:"I like how rich trumps black." (says Jim to Dali when her mother finally gives up grilling him.) I've always loved Jim's strong, silent character and the way that he feels an obvious loyalty to both Kate and Curran. He's a stand up guy, and we get to see him be a wee bit romantic here, if only for a bit. Loved it!