Darker After Midnight - Lara Adrian I love Sterling Chase! Out of all of the Order members, we've come to know him the best. We've been with him through some really hard times, and rooted for him to pull through and find himself a wonderful woman to tame his wilder desires. You know, for blood. Tavia's story is wholly new to the Breeds story. If you were looking for a game changer in this series (which I was) then here it is! I was starting to become bored with the formulaic story lines common to many longer series. Hunter's lackluster story disappointed me, and while I was excited about Chase's story, I was worried that I would be equally disappointed in it. While it didn't blow me away, it was still new, and I really did like it. While I really like the direction of the plot for the book, the wording was overly dramatic at times. Cheesy exit lines abounded at nearly every chapter's end. I almost expected movie drama music to come pouring out of my Nook. There are so many annoyingly meaningful looks of acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness between Chase and various order members, that I wanted to scream. “Lucan inclined his head, an approving nod that said more than he could have managed with any amount of words. Chase nodded back, sober, understanding.“Any more long, drawn out looks and I would have expected them to start kissing or something.Despite the melodrama, I was content with the last 100 pages or so. Tavia certainly is enough woman to hold Chase. She's the perfect mix of kick ass and feminine, and Chase is finally given the time to prove himself once again. There is some much needed conclusion to a ridiculously drawn out, books long plot. And from the little author note at the end of the book, I'm assuming that a fresh new spin will be brought to light in the next book. Though really, I'm perfectly content leaving the end to this book as an end to the series. It wrapped it up nicely.