First Lord's Fury - Jim Butcher HUGE FIVE STARS!!!Well, me and my nerdy, fantasy loving self simply adored this entire series. Tavi is all grown up, the First Lord of Alera, and it has been such a fascinating journey. This is (so far) my favorite fantasy series, EVER!!!! Jim Butcher simply floors me with his imagery and skill at finding just the right way to write something as to keep me completely absorbed during the ENTIRE SERIES. Truly, in the fantasy world, there seems to be a handful of standout authors amidst a freaking TON of so-sos. The world building in the Codex Alera series is like nothing I've come across. Once again, I'd compare it to L.E. Modessitt's Saga of Recluce series. But Modessitt's characters were harder to relate to and lacked the humor and humanity that Butcher's characters do. The timeline, also, is very easy to follow, as it starts during Tavi's fifteenth year and stays with him well into his adulthood. It has been a fantastic (haha) journey. And I realize that this may have been more a review for the series that for First Lord's Fury. But the series deserves a glowing, shouted review. I listened to the audio version of this. The narrator, Kate Redding, did just as good of a job reading the words as Butcher did writing them. I am truly in awe of Jim Butcher. Imagine living inside his head!