Sweet Blood of Mine: Book One of the Overworld Chronicles (Volume 1) - John Corwin I was excited to read this, as friends had given rave reviews. I love that the story is about a guy for a change, and a teenage one no less. Scary to be inside the mind of a teenage boy, right? Not Justin's. He's a romantic at heart, he's smart and creative and desperately in love with one of the 'pretty girls' in school. Oh, and he's frickin' hilarious. "I stood in the doorway for a stunned moment, unsure if my skills as a Kings and Castles woodland elf had prepared me to take on a challenge like this." Problem is, he's also awkward, nerdy, and ummm...not physically appealing. Quickly after Justin's story begins, he learns that something strange is going on with his body, his parents, and even some of the kids at school. He's somehow becoming attractive to the opposite sex. Like, waaay attractive. Even at the grocery store, his magnetism knows no bounds. My absolute favorite line in the entire book:"Nothing could make me pull away from this meat-market love goddess. My sexy little filet mignon." Problem is, Justin is a romantic. He doesn't want these random women. But what he can't figure out, aside from what the heck kind of supernatural junk is going on, is who he really wants to be with. The sweet, popular girl, or the weird, quirky girl that he is oddly drawn to? Amidst the dramatic teenage angst is a cast of paranormal freaks like none you've ever seen. There are so many vampire/werewolf novels out there, but this paranormal universe by Corwin is totally new, and multifaceted. Lines between good and evil are blurred, and there's no telling who the good guys really are. Or the bad guys, for that matter. I didn't even figure out what Justin was until well over halfway through the book.Anyways, I'm beginning to ramble. I'm stoked that there are more in the series coming. While this book did answer a lot of questions, there are still so many secondary characters and creepy supernatural beings that we have yet to really come to know. Such a fabulous addition to the paranormal YA scene!