Curran; Kate's Daddy (Curran POV, #3) - Gordon Andrews "Why could nothing with Kate be simple? Why couldn’t Jim ever just come by to tell me that he had bowled a perfect game or benched a personal best. Maybe finally asked that weird tiger girl out."Though this is short enough to read in about fifteen minutes, it still sucked me right back into the world of Curran and Kate. Loaded with humor as only Ilona Andrews can do in so short a time, it still packs an emotional punch. This is when Curran learns from Jim who Kate's real father is, and between the two of them, they hash out just what that means for the future of the pack. Jim- “We aren’t talking about me. We are talking about you and your… hunny bunny.”Curran- “In that case, professor, I’m terribly sorry for interrupting your fascinating lecture on bullshit, please proceed.”And my heart melts for the Beast Lord all over again. Because you know that he will stick by Kate no matter what. These little Curran blips are just further proof that Curran is the freaking shiz-nit.