True Believer - Nicholas Sparks Okay, this is only the second book by Nicholas Sparks that I've 'read.' And for the record, I actually listened to the audiobook. I'm pretty sure that skewed my opinion, as I really disliked the narrator. Not sure why, but his voice just made the 'romantic' parts really cheesy sounding. The story was okay. It's about a little bitty town that has a legend of ghosts in the cemetery, and the big-city writer who comes to write a story about it. He meets the local librarian, Lexi, and they participate in light flirtation which leads to...a lasting relationship with only a couple of really teenage kisses and one sexual encounter? Just wasn't believable for me. And it wasn't as if this was an extremely paranormal book that was expected to be unbelievable.Though I must say, the last couple of paragraphs almost made me give this a 4.