Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh Great new idea for a paranormal series! Obviously, it's not brand new, but it's new to me, and I loved it! I love that Elena is a tough girl who can't quite seem to turn off her emotions. So she's prickly and vulnerable at the same time. These contradictions are what draws the archangel Raphael to her. Well, that and her awesomeness at being a vampire hunter. But that awesomeness is soon overlooked in light of what a genuinely good person she is. Raphael has lived so long that he no longer knows what it feels like to...well, feel. Something about Elena is changing him in a fundamental way. And that is the whole premise of the book. This was romantic and fast paced, if a bit gory at times. A couple scenes are pretty darn gruesome. And the end, while not really a cliffhanger, sets up the series for the next book(s). Lots of unanswered questions! So glad I finally started this series!