Stand-in Groom - Suzanne Brockmann I'm sad to say that I didn't like this book at all. I suppose I'm used to Ms. Brockmann's alpha boys with big ole hearts and women with at least half a brain. This was a lot of mushy romance and feminist political agenda. I'm all about equal rights, though I wouldn't call myself a hard core feminist. But I just wanted to smack Chelsea around a bit. She seemed to want it all. Here's this great guy playing at marriage with you so that you can get a truckload of money. He's hot, he starts wooing you. He wants you to be safe because he cares for you...WHOA, buddy! Back off! You can't tell ME to stay safe! I make my own choices! By the way, I'm vegan! Not sure why, but I am. I guess the whole thing just felt like a hastily thrown together B movie. Character development was lacking, and Johnny could have been so much more if the reader could crawl inside his head for a bit. We didn't even really meet anyone else in his life. Done ranting! This was just not what I'd expect from one of my favorite authors :(