Stray - Rachel Vincent Really intense. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I guess I expected something completely different. There were some rape scenes that, while not horribly graphic, were enough to make my stomach turn. And for about sixty pages, there was this really demeaning element, in that these women were being raped and tortured, and like I said, it was so unexpected for me. I found myself really angry during much of the reading time. Faythe's family seems to think that it's okay to control every aspect of her life, going so far as to threaten imprisonment if they don't get their way, which is complete submission from her. And I just don't find myself liking...well, anyone, really. Except a tiny bit of like for Jace. I had high hopes for this series, so I'll keep reading. I just hope there's a reason to.That being said, the three stars is because despite what I didn't like, I really wanted to know what happened. I wanted a 'take that!' moment. And I'll continue with the next one.