Shelter Mountain (Virgin River, Book 2)

Shelter Mountain - Robyn Carr Quick review...Love how Preacher is such an unconventional man...big, shaved bald, ex marine who now is a cook in his buddy's bar, and perfectly fine with his life. Love even more how instantly protective he is of this woman and little boy.This book danced the edge of brutal in the abuse department. There are no allusions...this punk comes after Paige with a vengeance, and right in the middle of Virgin River. Big no-no there! She's under the protection of not only Preacher, but the whole town.There is a lot going on in this book...four different stories, really. Simultaneously continuing the last book and setting up a future book or two. And I'm not talking a couple of pages here and there. At one point, the story veers from Paige and Preacher for 34 pages! It really interrupted the flow.However, having said that, I'm stoked for the next few books and to continue reading about this quaint little town with such amazing people.