Knight & Play (Knight, #1)

Knight & Play (Knight, #1) - Kitty French "He'd shown her how sex was supposed to be, and there was no going back..."Errmahgerd!!!!!!!!!I love you guys, I really do! I love how you know my tastes so well sometimes. My wonderful Pher recommended this to me recently...and I ho-hummed about it. Pretty cover, but really? Another hot and sexy millionaire? And the my lovely friend Wm recommended [b:Knight & Stay|16704759|Knight & Stay (Knight, #2)|Kitty French||22937956], and I caved.So glad I caved!!!!!!!!!!MY SYNOPSIS:Sophie is pretending to be an ostrich. Why would she do that, you say? Well, Sophie's husband has been going on extended business trips, having many, many late night work nights, getting numerous secretive calls and texts...and...oh, yeah...hasn't slept with his wife in six months. So yeah, Sophie has her head in the sand. She knows what's going on but just won't admit to herself that her high school sweetheart is cheating on her. So instead of the inevitable confrontation, Sophie decides that she needs to amp up her boring life, starting with her crap job."Sophie knew better than to let herself think about it too deeply, because then there would be questions that needed answers. Up until now, she hadn't wanted to ask them, even though they were there in huge black capital letters. The gulf between them had slowly widened into an ocean awash with the flotsam and jetsam of a neglected relationship; countless cold shoulders instead of enveloping hugs. Too many dry pecks on the cheek rather than passionate clinches on the dining table. Too many hurriedly hidden text messages. The circumstantial evidence all pointed towards another woman, and Sophie's sexual confidence had ebbed away in the face of Dan's undeniable rebuttals in bed. She'd been feeling old, and cold. Until now. Until she'd stepped into Lucien Knight's force field yesterday evening.Lucien Knight's initial thoughts on Sophie are that she's a hot piece, very qualified for the job as his personal assistant, but also way too innocent and naive to take on the job as the PA of a wildly popular sex club/toy shop owner. When Sophie shocks him during their interview with her reluctant show of bravado, Lucien checks into her life...and finds out about her husband's infidelity. Instantly......All bets are off.Lucien feels no guilt going after a woman who's husband treats her wrong and won't see what a gorgeous, sexy vixen he has. MY THOUGHTS:What thoughts? Holy crap, was this book sexy as hell! I was told to prepare for some smut, and they were right!!! It's got some really awesome smut. And I was actually really satisfied with the way that things were initially starting out. Then the emotions started eeking into Sophie and Lucien's story, and it became so much more!This was ultra quotable, so I'm just going to add a bunch of my favorites here, a la Sharon style...~~ "Don't lie to yourself because you feel guilty, Sophie. He's cheating, and you deserve better. You deserve to be adored, and you deserve to be fucked until you can't stand up...."~~ "It wasn't lovemaking. It was pure fucking."~~ "Sex with Lucien was a cross between the most sweeping romantic movie an the filthiest porn flick; he was feather gentle and filthy erotic all a the same time..."~~ "I figured I could screw you happy, I guess."To be honest, this book was a lot more romantic than I expected it to be. Lucien, the ever present bad boy with a, throughout nearly the entire book, a really nice guy...completely and utterly devoted to worshiping Sophie, proving to her how desirable and attractive she is, and showing her what she should not only expect from her husband, but demand.~~ "Why have you tied me to a tree?" She demanded. He plucked the woolen hat from her head and unzipped her jacket."It's a game.""A game?"He nodded. "You'll like it." He lifted her hair so it fell behind her shoulders and kissed her exposed neck. "It's called Let's show Sophie how fucking beautiful she is..."