Private Practice

Private Practice - Samanthe Beck This is a book that makes me remember why I started reading romance. There aren't any big surprises or huge moments, no sad tears or heartbreak... just a sweet, predictable romance, witty dialogue, hot sex and a genuinely likeable couple.After a ten year absence, nerdy, dorky "Sparky" Ellie Swan moves home a different woman. Not only is she a doctor but shes' grown in to a beautiful, confident woman. Well, confident in all areas but one...the bedroom. So when the chance encounter with town playboy Tyler "Footlong" Longfoot gives her a bargaining tool, Ellie strikes up a deal. Ellie will throw aside a tiny bit of professional ethics if Tyler will teach her how to drive a man wild.Ellie puts all of this effort into her 'education' in order to catch and hold the attention of the man she thinks she wants. Of course, our lady here can't hooch it up with one guy while pining for another, so the focus is Tyler and Ellie. Tyler's had a somewhat careless life full of fun and women, but he's grown up and slowly matured into a responsible man, loyal to his friends and ready to live the life of an adult. While Ellie has always been responsible and old beyond her years, she's finally cutting loose but in such an orderly fashion, it makes for great fun! "If everything looks good, we can figure out a timeline and pin down the curriculum."He nearly fumbled the supplies as he tucked them into the font pocket of his jeans. The curriculum? Leave it to overachieving Ellie to treat something as instinctive and elemental as sex like an academic pursuit. Though he couldn't explain precisely why, the notion of a specific lesson plan excited and terrified him at the same time.Ellie has a book meant to impart wild and wanton sexual knowledge to the unlearned woman, but she just can't seem to cut loose and let it come naturally. She plans each sexual encounter with Tyler so as to maximize learning potential. My favorite part of the book is the Chapter talk, ("tomorrow night, he was going to Chapter six the hell out of her") and how each lesson plan of hers gets basically thrown out the window when passion takes over. This is a debut novel for this author, and she writes like a pro. It was the perfect length without any unnecessary boredom inducing angst and drama. What a satisfying, sweet and sexy story! I'm very much looking forward to more from her!