Reaper's Property

Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde Marie recently left her abusive husband and high school sweetheart to move in with her jobless brother. Life so far hasn’t been very kind to her and between other people’s careless actions and her own stupid decisions thus far, she’s become disillusioned. Even those she loves always seem to let her down. But Marie is gracious and still retains a positive outlook on life…at least she hangs on to a positive outlook by her fingernails.So when her brother’s biker friends start coming around the trailer that she and her brother share, she grins and bears it…though these tough guys scare the crap out of her. Horse, the biggest and scariest of all, has made no attempt to hide his fierce attraction to Marie. And it can really only be described as fierce and intense. "The big man studied me, his face cold and expressionless. I couldn't be entirely sure he was human, I decided. More like a Terminator."However, aside from their annoying nickname of “sweet butt” for her, they seem fairly harmless. Until her ex beats the crap out of her again...then they're not so harmless. And until, that is, they find out that her brother is swindling their Motorcycle Club (MC) out of many thousands of dollars. Not so harmless now either.These boys are pissed. And the MC doesn’t suffer a fool to live, least of all one that’s screwing them over.In a surprising act, they allow Marie’s brother his life…at the cost of his sister. Seems Horse wants her bad enough to bargain. But since Marie was too scared to offer him what he wants from her, he now intends to take.Let the taking commence! Now let’s not get carried away…Marie isn’t being forced to sleep with the massively “Hung like a HORSE” Horse. (And yes, yes that IS what that means…the man has a scary big...ahem, you know...) Besides his sexy air of danger, rockin’ body, and amazingly mad bedroom skilz, the man is sex on a bike! What more could Marie ask for?!"Marie, I swear, you're crazy sometime, but once I get my dick in you, I couldn't care less."Turns out a lot. Marie wants more than to be his nightly lay and daily housekeeper. The more she’s with Horse, the more confused she gets about her feelings. His lifestyle scares her. The life of a MC is not an easy one, and Horse lives and dies for his Reaper brothers. They hold his loyalty above all. Still, there are these moments that he seems like a completely different person…sweet and tender, protective and possessive, he’s exactly what she wants in a man. Now if only she can learn to accept his way of life…and in turn accept him."We take the good times together and fight through the bad times. No games. That's everything I've got and it's all yours if you'll take it."I ended up loving this book so much more than I thought I would. There are parts that are brutal, parts that are too danged much for me. The MC lifestyle is extreme, the men complete pigs at times. I definitely don’t suggest reading this if you can’t handle some disrespect. BUT, I guarantee that while Horse freaked me out a few times, he COMPLETELY won me over by the end. This giant tattooed badass biker has his teddy bear moments, yes he does….not to mention he’s a veritable god in bed. That’s for sure the one place that he shines, and it’s a guarantee that Horse ALWAYS takes care of his woman. I loved the way the lifestyle is portrayed in Reaper’s Property. It’s not always nice but you can tell the author did her research. These boys are hard core…some more than others, that’s for sure. Makes me feel glad to live my lifestyle, yet excited to live vicariously rough through stories like this. There's a loyal brotherhood in this MC that goes above and beyond friendship...and lets face it, a lot of familial bonds. These boys choose each other. And I can't believe anyone would have a dry eye when Free Bird is playing in your head.