Fight With Me (With Me in Seattle, #2)

Fight With Me (With Me in Seattle, #2) - Kristen Proby Nate is sexy...can I leave it at that? Cuz that's the best part :D:D When he rolls his sleeves up and we first get an inkling of the bad boy behind the suit...I'm going to make is short n sweet...err, maybe not so sweet. I still had some big hangups with this book, mostly similar to my feelings for the first book. Though I did like this one better, I think I'm likely done with this series. The author's writing and I don't get along.I have sexual hangups in a major way in regards to this book. I mean, I can't even label this erotic romance, which I guess is what I thought I was getting. This is just contemporary romance with a ton of sex scenes, none of them very explicit. How erotic can you get in a couple of paragraphs? Now, my grump about this could possibly be all my fault due to my preconceived notions. There are TOO MANY SHORT SEX SCENES. I hate to say this, but SOMETIMES it's okay to fade to black, or simply allude to a quickie boink than to go ahead and spell it out in two paragraphs. Seriously...same as book one, most of these sex scenes were over and done...foreplay to the five pump chump less than a page to a page and a half. What's the point, I ask? I wasn't turned on...okay, I admit to ONE smexy times that got to me. But the rest...nah. Pretty bland.One thing that so far seems to be the norm for this author is how quickly her protagonists get together. By page forty, they were "in a relationship". So there was a TON of opportunity and page time for them to engage int the multitudes of one page sex. This also left ample opportunity for them to fight and make up, break up and make up, piss each other off and make get the idea. Now, I did like this book better than book one. Nate is a great guy, seriously. He's a little possessive (which I love), he's a LOT sexy...tattoos and business suits...YUMMMMMM!!! This is an angsty series. If you like angst and drama, you'll love this series. Most of my friends do. But it's not for me and I'll bow out now, and leave it to the lovers!!