Anything He Wants

Anything He Wants (Dominated by the Billionaire, #1-5) - Sara Fawkes Rating: 4 out of 5 stars!!"Anything I want." Wow, shivers! Jeremiah is a great character. I just wanted to say before the rest of the review how much I grew to like him, though I had misgivings for quite a bit of the first part of the book.I could definitely tell that this book was written in different parts. I originally thought I wanted to write a review for this treating it as a whole, but I just don't think it's possible. There are some really definitive lines that separate each part from the others. PART 1 - Ummm, goodness! Within four pages, Jeremiah and Lucy get their skanky on! Lucy has been not-so-secretly stalking Jeremiah's elevator rides just to see the gorgeous that is him. When they find themselves alone on the elevator one morning, she finds out quickly that her attention hasn't gone unnoticed. Talk about a slam, finger, thank you ma'am!This part reads like a very fast mediocre erotica. I was surprised how quickly the first sexual scene takes place. I suppose for shock value, it worked and grabbed my interest. But it also made me not really look forward to reading a book full of sex and no substance. Especially when the second encounter happens within just a few more pages.PART 2 - Lucy is mortified at her behavior in the elevator. Sure, fantasies are great. But acting on them, in public, at work no less? Not the norm for her. When she finds out just who the stranger she lost all inhibitions with is not only her boss, but the kajillionaire owner of the company, her humiliation is complete. Then she's called to his office where he makes an offer she can't refuse...and they end up in Paris. Where she is there to do...well, anything he wants!While the heat is still on during this installment of the story, Lucy's character starts to show some depth. She's a lonely woman who recently lost everything...her loving parents, her ivy league college education, and her childhood home. She's now just barely scraping by and on the verge of being homeless. Her situation pulled on my heartstrings and though I can't condone her choices, helped me empathize with her. Jeremiah solidified his status as a ruthless rich man used to getting what he wants. I started questioning how I could actually fall in love with his character, as it seems as if he's taking advantage of a young, naive woman in a hopeless situation. Though he does shower her with lavish attention sexually...the man in a master seducer and completely in control in the bedroom...he also uses his position of power to overwhelm Lucy.PARTS 3, 4, and 5 Whoa! Was this written by a different author? These nest three parts were SO MUCH BETTER, so much more sophisticated than the first two parts. I had a tough time putting my reader down to live my life. Jeremiah and Lucy travel to Paris on a business trip where intrigue and action take over the story and lust turns to passion. Turn out Jeremiah never wanted the life he leads. He was forced into the role of Hamilton industries CEO. Not everyone wants him there, and there are a few people that hold some grudges against him for his success...not the least of all his brother.This turns quickly into an erotica romantic suspense novel, and I just LOVED the last half of this book! Jeremiah is a dominating, controlling, insatiable man in the bedroom and Lucy has the perfect temperament for him. She's not a pushover but she loves giving him control in all sexual ways. He always pushes her limits but never further than she wants to go. She gets to explore her sexual boundaries, and she revels in it. There are these poignant moments of tenderness too, in which we get to see the longing in Jeremiah for something more with Lucy. He always holds himself back but to me, he's just as lonely as the woman he's obviously falling for. The difference is, he doesn't even know what he's missing. He's never had the loving and tenderness that Lucy had growing up. All of the people in his life are devious and fake. And he knows it. He begins to see in Lucy what he didn't know he's missing. This is never, ever said in words. The author does a wonderful job of showing the reader Jeremiah's inner longing right alongside his steadfast control. The ending to the book is a cliffhanger, but boy it's a good one! It makes me question the loyalties of all players involved. I have no idea where the author could take this series...honestly, there are so many directions she could go! The twist at the end made me gasp out loud. Maybe it's my naivete showing through but I didn't see it coming! I'm so anxious to get the next book and frustrated because there is no word on even a tentative release date!To sum it all up: Parts 1 and 2 would have averaged out to maybe a 2.5 rating for me. Just no substance, no direction, and read like an amateur erotica. Parts 3, 4, and 5 were around a 4.5 rating. I loved it, and they more than made up for the weird as hell meeting between this couple. ARC provided by the publisher through Net Galley for an honest big thanks to both for the chance to read it!!