Curio - Cara McKenna This was a miss for me. It was okay, but it felt like the author was trying to be too blase' about the virgin's sexuality. She was way too comfortable with some things, and then ridiculously, annoyingly shy about others. It just didn't seem realistic. I kept wanting to say, "So, you're okay saying and doing THAT, but not this? Oh, come on!" While the writing has a sophisticated feel, it was also vague at times. Though I do love how Cara McKenna can put so much emotion into a short period of time. The emotions were very intense. The sex would have been intense, but they seemed to stop in the act just to chat quite a bit. Sort of ruined the moment. I'm not quite sure what her intentions were when she kept knocking the 'American' way of thinking about marriage. It seemed as if she was scoffing at fidelity, as if it's unrealistic and wrong for one person to be with only one person. That just put me off. I'm pretty sure a lot of Europe considers marriage to be a monogamous relationship. Not that I'm an expert, but really, we're not all that different when it comes to basic wants and needs.