Law Man (Dream Man, #3)

Law Man (Dream Man, #3) - Kristen Ashley Here we get more of a taste of the family life with Mitch and Mara. And don't those names just SOUND good together? Mara has loved Detective Mitch Lawson from afar...well, from across the hall...for the four years that they have been neighbors. But she is absolutely crippled by her shyness and low, low, ridiculously low self image. I think that Mara's situation can resonate with many women. How many of us have those days when we look in the mirror and see only flaws? I know I do! Mara has some excuses as to why she is the way she is. Her upbringing is about as white trash as it gets. And her Mom spent her entire childhood telling her just how trashy she always will be. So not only is she terminally shy and introverted, but she's also horribly embarassed about where she comes from. When her trashy cousin follows her from their hometown in Iowa to her new life in Denver, things are definitely not looking up.This is where family comes in. Mara finds herself taking care of her nine and six year old cousins while their Dad is in jail. Mitch literally saves the day over and over and over again. Not only does he help Mara with her new charges, but he sticks around through the crazy druggie dad, trashy relatives coming to cause trouble, the Russian mob coming to trash Mara's apartment, sick six year olds and desperate nine year olds. And after all of that, he proceeds to fall in love with each and every one of them. Mitch is the ultimate good guy. He's an honest cop, a loyal friend, a protective lover, and a stand-in, loving father figure to two kids not his own. You just can't find any better. Plus, he's hot, Hot, HOT!!!!!!!! Good grief, the sex is smokin'!!!! "If I'm your Mitch, you're my Mara," he whispered against my skin, his words making me shiver again because I liked that idea, a whole lot. Then I felt his tongue glide along my throat as his hand glided back up my side and I shivered yet again."The way these two argue when Mara finally learns how to speak to the uber hot guy next door is hilarious. And frustrating. Seems like every KA hero has to go and push at least ONE of my buttons. Mitch definitely does that. The way he tries to override or ignore Mara's decisions when it comes to the kids was OUT OF LINE! But funny, when they get to arguing back and forth.Mara: "This is insane."Mitch: "I'd ask why you think that except I don't care." All of the arguing is worth it in the end. The relationship between these two actually seemed pretty freaking comfortable considering Mara's insecurities and the way their little family was tossed together. Their arguments were about every day things, like the kids and other day to day situations. Then the suspense kick in, and Mitch gets to show his (and Hawk, Brock, Tack, AND Lee and Hank Nightengale, Luke and Mace from the Rock Chicks) manly studly, possessive, dangerous side. That's always hot, isn't it?! While I'm still a massive Rock Chick fan, the Dream Man series is definitely a KA must read. As always, the sexual tension is off the charts, and maleness just oozes from every page.