Make Me Shiver (Just Make Me, #1)

Make Me Shiver (Just Make Me, #1) - Aline Hunter Well, well well! It certainly made me shiver! Here is another little gem that I've been recommended on my quest for BDSM lite/with love/romantica type reads. And it definitely fits the bill! Lacey is a sweet girl, a children's book author, who recently moved into town. She met and swooned over Michael, one of the local business owners...but once warned of his sexual appetites, ran pretty quickly the other way. Now face to face with Michael again, and recently single, she is rethinking her previous vanilla ways.Michael is a Dom through and through. “This man didn't sweeten his words to get to the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Instead he rode the colorful rays at his own pace, made the sky his bitch and took everything he wanted when he was good and ready.”He has also lusted after the sweet and sensible Lacey since he met her months ago. He knows why she ran from him, but can't seem to stop thinking about her. When he notices her interest in him, he decides to push her...just a see if there is a little submissive hiding inside her. And lo and behold! Lacey's curiosity and Michael's dominant nature lead to a wonderfully wicked night in which Lacey lets Michael push her further than she ever knew she wanted to go. One thing that turns me off of BDSM is the public displays at the clubs, and the sharing and/or humiliation that often takes place while at the club. The way this author writes, though, didn't leave me with that bad taste in my mouth. Lacey and Michael DO go to a club, and Lacey DOES act as his sub while there. But the point of the entire story is how the trust level between the D/s must be absolute. Lacey had to trust Michael to never push her farther than she would willingly go, though he DOES continually push her. That's the point...the control is only for the Dom. In turn, Michael has to trust Lacey to never let him take it too far, to know her own boundaries, to allow him to push her across some lines but never so much that she would resent him later. This reasoning struck a chord for me. In the few of this type of book I've ever read, the 'power exchange' is always touted but rarely explained. While Michael explained it to Lacey, he dumbed it down enough for me to really grasp what their relationship is all about. Theirs is a love story with BDSM being their hookup and the way they break the ice.I loved the read, and I'm so glad that the series continues with Candy and Brady's story. I've never read a book with a female Domme so that is something to look forward to! My undying devotion to Kelly for the great recommend! On a side note, this cover is smoking hot! I don't usually tend to go for beefy guys, but this picture is just beautiful! The couple truly looks to be in the heat of the moment, and I love the contrast between Michael's brawny arms and manly tanned, hairy skin and Lacey's pale, delicate body. Love it!!