Claimed by Shadow (Cassandra Palmer, Book 2)

Claimed By Shadow - Karen Chance Still sort of meh. There just doesn't seem to be much direction for the book or the series. The characters are great, but there isn't one friendship/relationship that is fixed in Cassie's life, nor is there evidence that any one person will ever stand out. The entire story is just willy-nilly and random. She's bound to Mircea, but doesn't want to be. She loves Tomas, but he betrayed her for a year, and then there's Pritkin, who really doesn't seem to be a fan of Cassie. I may continue with the series later, but I'm not really excited any more. This is definitely more of an urban fantasy series, not pnr. It sort of reminds me of the Hollows series by Kim Harrison, which I felt the same about. So fans of KH would probably really like Cassie Palmer. I tend to want more romance.