The Reluctant Dom

The Reluctant Dom - Tymber Dalton,  Lesli Richardson "Having survived something like that, it shows a person they can take more than they thought. It tempers the soul and if it doesn't destroy you, it can make you stronger." What a poetic take on 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Get some tissues! You'll may need a dark quiet room to reflect, also.So the subject matter was not really my cuppa. I'm good with the BDSM aspect, and I can handle the menage also. However, this was about a woman who needs to live this submissive life nearly 24/7. And I just don't understand that at all. Her punishments also seemed to amuse the men sometimes, which left me feeling a little sick.That being said, I realize that I can't judge the book with my lack of understanding of the lifestyle. There were actually some really insightful, meaningful revelations. Love has no boundaries. It transcends every stereotype there is, so you can't put limits and restrictions on it. And just because you don't understand something doesn't make it wrong. Obviously, I became very attached to all of the characters, even if I didn't necessarily understand or approve of their actions all of the time. This woman is so broken, she's like a shell. She's empty and relies on her husband for literally everything. I can't fathom putting that much responsibility on someone else's shoulders. She went through some very traumatic things as a child. Truly horrific, soul-destroying things. She needs pain and domination to help ground her, to keep her head here with the living, thinking people. So her husband has given her this for twenty years. Now he's dying and needs someone to take over for him. So he's literally training a new lover/dom for his wife. Wow. The story is told from the perspective of the new man in their life, the couple's long time best friend. He has no prior knowledge of their lifestyle, so he's literally just sucked in to learn how best to be a dom. All the while, everyone knows that while there are three beginning this journey, only two will be there to end it.