Confessions of an Alli Cat (The Cougar Chronicles, #1)

Confessions of an Alli Cat  (The Cougar Chronicles, #1) - Courtney Cole

"You need to reach down deep and find that wild, courageous girl you used to be before Rick the Dick put an arrow through your heart. And your Vagina."


In accordance with everyone else that read this book, I laughed until I cried...Alli's inner dialogue (and sometimes outer dialogue) is fah-reaking hilarious!!!! Allison is a fairly newly divorced mother of one really kick butt teenage girl. Her husband, "Rick the Dick", apparently was a cheating fool. He shows up a couple of times during the story and proves how Dicky he can be.


"Rick can go to fucking hell.I sigh proudly. Sara would be proud of me. I might not have said the F word, but I definitely thought it without flinching.That's fucking progress."


So Allison is going through a bit of an identity crisis. She's thirty five years old, beginning to sag in funny places, but she's also in her sexual prime. She has little to no experience outside of her marriage bed...and that's including fun toys. So her best friend (and naughty enabler) gives her a mighty shove in the right direction. She drags Alli's ass to a gigolo for a night of sexual freedom, trying to stimulate her bestie into getting back on the horse...the dating horse, that is. Instead, she looses the wild woman in Alli, who quickly becomes addicted to what Slade, her gigolo, gives her. But Slade is awfully young, and Alli is both turned on and guilt ridden by her new found sexuality.Meanwhile, Alli's professional life is changing as well. Her new boss Alex is...ahem, well, lets just lay it out there...absolute perfection. He's around her age, he's settled, he's got a great sense of humor, and he turns her on like NONE OTHER.


"He laughs and, no lie, a shiver rolls down my spine. I may want to take a bath in his laugh. Then shove it up against the wall and have violent sex with it. And I should probably not drink this much wine ever again."


So on the weekends, Alli is learning to get her groove back. During the week, she's dealing with her crisis of conscience, and trying out the numerous things her best friend comes up with to make her feel and look sexy and fun...Brazilian waxes and Botox, naked hot tubbing and gigolos. Girl goes a little bit cray-cray, and it was a lot of fun to watch!


There is a bit of a deeper message, if you look reeeeally hard and stop laughing long enough to pay attention. Alli is a great heroine. She's easy to relate to. Her daughter loves her, and they have a wonderful relationship. Her best friend is really just a freaking loony bin, and her husband Rick the Dick...he truly lives up to his name. On the other hand, the men in her life are somewhat opposites, and fulfill different needs.


What kept me from going the full five stars is how the story wrapped up. There is a bit of a twist that is fairly easy to catch, but one that is also somewhat taboo. Although the steam level is not erotic, the subject matter itself may seem that way to some. I did like the resolution, but it was almost too quick. Wrapped up with a pretty bow, which was really a great bow...but it was too fast and too easy. I wasn't sure if I ethically agreed with the way that Alli handled the situation. However, it was really pretty easy to take this read for the lighthearted, fun read that it was meant to be. If you're wanting something totally different, if you need to laugh your A$$ off...READ THIS! If Seduction and Snacks type humor is a bit over the top for you but you still like the potty humor like me, then this is perfect for you!


"During the day, I'm Allison. I'm responsible and hard-working and ambitious.But at night, when I'm not at work, I'm Alli Cat. I'm fierce and daring and fun. And I have a freaking bald vagina."